Eye Tracking

We are currently working on really making the application happen on your laptop ...

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is an ongoing project that investigates the feeling of information overload in order to build infrastructures for a sustainable relationship between the self and digital information. The team is currently working on an application that uses eye-tracking methods to construct digital perceptual landscapes that make it possible to explore your own attentional focus.

Pia Regenbrecht

Social Designer - Project Development Pia Regenbrecht recently graduated from the Social Design department of the Design Academy Eindhoven. There she developed and brought to life the Attention Lab project during her master thesis. She is a designer who translates contemporary social phenomena through conceptual projects. With a background in product, furniture and communication design, her goal is to merge these disciplines to create situations that encourage exploration of one's surroundings and reflection on one's self. Her work focuses on the interaction between the self, the object, and the spatial environment, experimenting with (the absence of) sensory impulses and explorable functions. By mirroring, distorting and rearranging everyday habits, she is always looking to open and create new spaces for living and acting.

Marie Dvorzak

Digital Designer - Web Development

Maik Nothbaum

Interaction Designer - Eye Tracking Maik Nothbaum finished a hands-on dual education as a certified carpenter in Hanover, Germany before starting his Industrial Design Bachelor in Eindhoven. Now he is finalizing the Industrial Design Master program at the TU Eindhoven. In his projects he focusses on non-visual communication with computers, philosophy of technology and design process theory. Maik’s curiosity often results into learning new skills in electrical, mechanical, and digital technology, and is always looking for challenging projects.